Wind Generators
and Hybrid Systems
We design, test, and produce wind turbines for private and industrial use
Our Wind Turbines have high efficiency and performance
Alt Energo Wind Turbine model features a low noise profile
We offer hybrid installations that use solar and wind energy
100% Green
Our products are created with recyclable materials
Wind Turbines for different cases
WEG-800 Wind Turbine by Alt Energo can support any off-grid location or installation
Urban Area
Our low-noise turbines can be installed on the rooftops of the residential buildings
Hybrid Energy
Our experience allows us to build hybrid plants that use both wind and solar energy
We are successfully exploring the possibility of using modified wind turbines in the sea
For more than 7 years of work, we've come a long way in the field of renewable energy sources.

We specialize in small wind turbines. We invent, develop and test various models to find the most effective solution for our clients.

Specializing in small generators allows us to have all the necessary experience to implement projects that are located in densely populated urban areas near people. We know how to build low-noise, low-vibration wind turbines that also do not generate RF interference and pollution.

Models of our wind turbines can be used as free-standing structures on the ground, pole, roof, or they can be integrated into a larger grid.
Highly efficient and durable vertical axis Wind Turbine featuring low-wind start

Type: VAWT
Output voltage, V: 0—100
Amperage, A: 0—40
Generator type: 3-phase brushless generator
Wind speed (working range, m/s): 2,5—18
Windwheel efficiency, %: >30%
Temperature range, °C: -40°—+60°
Protection: anti-hurricane
Our Wind Turbine in action:
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